• 9th day in the journey... back from Taipei dream

    What could a man ask more from a land that gives him inspiration in each step he makes on it... Three days hooking in the huge streets of Taipei city... heart of the Formosa... 

    After that magical day in Nantu and the miracle of Sunmoon Lake... we decided the day after to take the road in direction of Taipei, the capital of Taiwan. I took the bus with the Dominican girl Laura Gomez, Ethan and Easter her host family members. Three hours on the road to Taipei and it was like a whole life time... uff.. finaly we reached destination and we went directly to Mc Donalds to eat something for dinner.


    Easter and her brother managed for us a free homestay in the house of their Aunt in Shen shuè Wan community (the VIP city). yes it was a VIP city since entrance and exit were only allowed with special card owned only by those who live there. A beautiful, calm and luxurious department in Taipei near the beach... and the picture of the houses from outside reminds me the American  city "Connecticut"... Thursday was for walking group schedule; we met some other guests in the center and we went together to the famous Taiwanese achievement "Taipei 101"... it's magical how did they combined the traditional chinese techique of building with the new trend of international constractors... a huge building of 101 floors shines on all the buildings around it and gives a special view to the image from the mountain sight. We were in company of Salim Riyani from oman and we joined him to the Oman Taiwanese Trade Bureau since he was invited by the consulate to talk about his trip to taiwan and assist him somehow... there we found TV stations waiting for us... and as usual the show guy or the "Huging guy" as known in SayTaiwan dlegation, took all the lights and started to interact with the journalists like he was a Hollywood star... and it ended up with putting all the group in a TV show called "guests talk on TV"... it was funny since the reporter was so cool and the camera men were not kind of bothering us... we just told the truth about what we felt in taiwan... "People are so nice and the country keeps inspiring us as much as we get involved in its secrets"... at lunch time we went to 7-11 shop and bought some drinks... later in noon we went to the mountain of the Elephant in Taipei which has a view on all the city... and what a mervallous view... climbing that mountain was worthwile since we found many professional photographers taking shuts of the city from the Chang "Elephant summit"... inspiring in a way you can loose time and space sense to enter on a new dimension of atmosphere. Taipei 101 and many high buildings were under our feets like we 'd have a hand in designing this city. Incredible even it was real how could a point in a mountain gives you this global feature of Taipei city...


    Later in the night after getting completly exhausted by that mountain. We walked in the neighberhood looking for a traditional restaurant, in case we will spend the night outside our hooking far from our houses. We found a small restaurant near by than we reserved a table and ordered some sea food, some spicy food with omelette and of course rise.... We were 9 persons including Taiwanese company... and the food was extremly tasty. A while after sunset we turned back to Taipei 101 building to take some pictures... waonderful as never seen something like before!


    The day next I and laura Gomez in company of her host family brothers decided to go to swim in Shen shuè Wan beach since it would be really nice to experience the pacific water anyway... just 3 minutes by car from the VIP city and we are on the sand wearing the swimming sutes. Water was nice; warm and calm... but since it was the Ghost month we were almost the only ones in the water... we went back home at lunch time, we eat some light food and we took the bus to Taipei center again... we went to the night market were I changed some US dollars to buy some gifts for the family and we walked around the city for a while till the dark felt on the streets and the movement of the streets get reanimated with absence of sun hit. We went by MRT to the area of Langshen Temple and bought some chocolate boxes from a very beautifull local brand seller "SOPHisca" and we went back home in the VIP city.


    Saturday was the last day in Taipei for the four of us, the Aunt of Easter "an officer in Mackay Medical College", wanted to make it special for us... she decided to show us the place where she works and she took us later to the "Sanjhih museum of Taiwanese history", and there we saw the transmission of life from the first ancestors the Ketagaln to the Taiwanese citizens of today... we saw greatness of taiwan leaders; those who were fighting for independance and honor of the nation... Lee teng Hui, Chiang Wen Ye, Tu Tsung Ming etc... names that will remain alive in every Taiwanese heart due to the achievements they did to the amazing Taiwan...


    On the image of Taiwan's first president house we left Taipei dream to go back to Taichung... our beloved city....

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