• Nantu... welcome to heaven

    Nantu... welcome to heaven

    It was the morning of August 16, 2011... an unforgettable day was about to happen and I wouldn't expect that even it was a dejà-vu... The night before, Laura Gomez's host family suggested to me to join them in a trip to "Sunmoon lake"... the name of the place sounded good for me at that time so I told to my self why not!... we made an appointment for 10 AM and we took the direction of Nantu (the only county without ocean borders in Taiwan)... In the entry of Nantu we picked up the two cousins of Esther , the youngest member in Laura's host family, and we proceeded in the way to the lake. Not so far from our destination we were driving on a mountain road and suddenly a mythic view showed up from the green... it was the "Sunmoon Lake". I cannot even describe the way I felt when I put my first step in the "Sunmoon Lake area". Taiwanese government has managed the space to make it like a VIP hotel without affecting the natural features of the lake. In the entry we found a huge restaurant with quiet tasty menus... we choose a table in the balcony to admire the charming view of the lake border under the restaurant... after eating we bought tickets for the Rope-way and took a lot of pictures of the water surrounded by green mountains from the sky... it was like a ferry tale image... thousands of tourists came to the lake each day and it makes sense; since that was really unique as a natural gift from God... later in the noon we took a walk in the traditional market of Nantu and that was also interesting cause they sell local handmade items that tells too much about people customs and habits in Nantu county... The thing I liked the much, is that whenever you go you will find yourself in the quay, watching the amazing view of water surrounded by the green. We took many pictures everywhere we went... And by the way, Taiwanese people are so nice with foreigners and so friendly; whenever you go people smile and welcome you, you buy or not, they will treat you so kindly in a way you will fall in love with them... After this walk we went to Starbucks coffee to take rest and enjoy the balcony view... to be honest there was too much to see in "Sunmoon lake area" (like the Wen Wu temple, the Ci En Pagoda, etc...), but the charming view of the lake made us crazy and we spent the whole day walking around... In our way back home, the oldest sister of Esther suggested to meet at night and go to the disco. I found it a great idea since it's gonna be an entertainment place and discovery one in the same time... so we made a deal for that. By 9 PM, we met and went together to "AMAN KING" night club. From outside it was like a hotel in the middle of an Oasis... waaaaw!!! and the night started; Taiwanese singers are the best... on stage there were a boy and a very shaggy girl singing with a back ram music some amazing English and Chinese songs. The audience choose and they perform... and what an amazing performance... two couples of singers made the atmosphere so cool... I was so loud so the singers reacted well with me which allowed us, me and Laura to make pictures with them after the show. The night reached it's end and we left all of us the club back home, but as I said; it's gonna be an unforgettable day ;)

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