• SayTaiwan... We say it in the streets today

    SayTaiwan... we say it in the streets this time ;)

     It's my forth day in the beautiful Taiwanese city, Taichung... To be honest today I didn't plan for something special... my schedule was only to meet the other guests in Taichung Train station and then improvise.


    More then 10 delegates, from Latin America, Slavic Europe, Australia and Africa and some locals who are basically some members of the hosting families, decided to walk through the Taichung streets and discover a new places to see... We went to a big park in the north of the city which was an amazing space for relaxing and catching new breath; we were so loud in the beginning but the beauty of the lake surrounded by green plants and trees made us silent for a while to admire the extravagant colors. Jose from Ecuador and Laura from Colombia decided to leave the team to catch the train going to Taipei, so we walked ahead in a very warm atmosphere of goodbyes... Not too far from there we found our self next to the Kung-Fu old temple which was by luck closed... we figured out that entertainment spaces close on Mondays cause of the excessive work in Sunday. We took some pictures of the temple from a bridge facing  it, which was the idea of the "blond" Lucia from Czechoslovakia, and we went to big underground restaurant to get lunch... since I was fasting Ramadan   , I watched them eating without sharing anything. Food was delicious according to what it smells but I couldn't touch nothing :'( 


    Anyway, after lunch we took the bus in direction of the campus of sciences, the university in which Avy-the host girl of Laura Gomez- studies Green Spaces Architecture... You will not believe this, there was a catholic church inside the campus and it was designed in a freak way but very artistic... We met a lot of locals taking rest there and since our team mate from Africa was claiming free hugs for Taiwan, he probably hugged all the boys and the girls there after those crossing him in the street (even the police officer!)... After making photos together in the campus we went to the night market close to the campus and we bought some hot food in a popular restaurant, and again I was watching them eating cause at that time I still have to wait more 45 minutes to stop fasting... At the end of the day I bought some juice and cake to eat them since the sunset time arrived and we left together the market to get the buss and go back home... very hard day but we enjoyed the company of each other... Taichung crew are like a big family and inspiring places in Taiwan still wait for us... 

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