• Special Sunday in Dong Fong cycling green way

    It's the 10th day in Taiwan, tomorrow I will have to leave to Kinmen so it's gonna be the last day with my host family... They already prepared for me a super surprise that I wouldn't forget ever.


    9 Am in the morning, Mr kevin told me that he wants me to join him and his family to a cycling day in Dong Fong green way near to Taichung county. It was kind of improvising schedule for me but I said to myself "why not?! let's just do it...". To be honest I haven't ride a bicycle since I was 7 years old so it has been 21 years since that time, but cycling never required talent or knowledge; just stay on the road and move your legs...


    We arrived at the start station where we picked our bicycles and bought some water for the 12,4 km piste. We were 5 persons Mr kevin, his wife, his son Endy and the Grand Mom mother of Mrs Yang. When we started we took the short way to the tunnel and it was kind of amazing to ride sometimes in the green and some others in a tunnel or on a bridge... the way was crowded of people of all ages and all of them were enjoying cycling in the middle of natural paintings and fresh air. After the tunnel Mr. Kevin suggested that we ride on the long way of Dong Fong and in the same time stop by some interesting stations that might serve as a material of my diaries...


    To all my friends, don't believe that men grow up... we are still kids even under our charming smokings; I was on the bicycle like a crazy child riding the wind, enjoying the beauty of the green trees on the two sides of the road.


    The first station that was really a piece of art I saw on the bridge of Da Jia Shi river; a beautiful stratified rocks in the middle of the river and the water flows in small falls made by the cracks between stones... an amazing natural design made by God that relaxes your eyes once you admire it for a while. After a small break and about 7 km far from the Dong Fong way ending we stopped by the stamp of the natural anger 10 years ago in Taiwan; the Si Zi Kan dam, a structure that has been damaged clearly by the famous earthquake in Taiwan few years ago. This dam is now providing all the county of Taichung in water needs and still needs to be repaired again to perform as supposed to be... something that the Taiwanese government never omitted. In the end of the    way we reached our final point and there we got the chance to make a brief walk in the museum of Hakka cultural park and know some dimensions of their life.


    Going back to the start point wasn't hard, since it was in a lower level  all the way back was a free fall on bicycle. I loved it and even with all the water I lost in sweating I still want to do that ride again along the Dong Fong green way.


    When going back home Mr. Kevin told me that since we still have time before the dinner, why not visit the Sani Wood carving area and see the Sani Sculpture Museum... I was glad to hear that. There, I was impressed by the talents of the artists who exhausted their passion on those pieces of wood.  I know about wood but I haven't thought that we could do such kind of art with wood materials. A very beautiful statutes made basically on local woods and some unique stones. We bought some beautifull articles from the wood market which was so close from the area and took the car back home.


    By the way, all the day was scheduled by Mr. kevin as an initiative for my last day with the host family and by night he invited us for a dinner in the luxurious restaurant "Lanna Thai" famous by the name of "Elephant restaurant"; a delicious menu basing on the sea food... it was extremly delicious in a way we didn't left nothing in the dish... 


    Great day that wouldn't happen often in my life if i didn't come to Taiwan....

    Special Sunday in Dong Fong cycling green way

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