• Taiwan rocks.... 3rd day in Taichung and the holy Ghost day

    Today 14th od August was a little bit special, maybe more spiritual than expected... I started my day by visiting the traditional market in which all Taiwanese people find their needs and talk about their stories to neighbours or friends... Very popular it was... a market were you can find whatever you want with a good price, I mean cheap! 

    After I left the market with my host family we went to visit the historical "Lin" castle in "WuFong"... it was a huge monument that expresses in each details of its architecture, the importance of family in the life of Taiwanese people... The governer "Lin" has build a solid community in Taichung county, through delegating to his desendants a wise recommandations about sources of happiness and prosperious life; An artistic design of the governer's house in which you can figure out how much it was important for him to build the future of his nation through the good morals of each Taiwanese family....

    Later, since today was the day of welcoming Ghosts of the ancestors and souls of the beloved who left this life, we went to the temple of the spiritual chinese God " Mazu" and made some pictures.

    By the noon it was time to hook around Taichung so i took the buss with the senior son "Eric" and went together to the famous "FonJi University"... We drink Coca Cola than we decided to meet a friend of "Eric" and visit the "Night Market"; Imbelievable... You can find any thing you want from food to accessories... Walking under the brightning lights of the stores was a great pleasure to any visitor. I bought a gift for my family and we eat some crazy dishes I don't even remember its name than we went back home.... A day made of dreams.

    Taiwan rocks.... 3rd day in Taichung and the holy Ghost day

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